Gunbash Winning Numbers

Here are the gunbash winning numbers for October 30, 2021.

TimeWinning #Item
12:00958$500 Cash
12:15612Kimber Micro-9 9mm
12:30417Springfield XDE 45
12:45572Savage Axis Camo Package 30-06
1:00129$500 Cash
1:15740Smith &Wesson Shield E29 9mm
1:30970Remington 870 Wingmaster 12
1:45858Ruger American 6.5 Creedmoor
2:00391$500 Cash
2:15130Sig Sauer 365 9mm
2:30850Benelli Super Nova 12
2:45962Henry GB 22LR
3:00475$500 Cash
3:15885Gock G26 9mm
3:30688Smith & Wesson E2 Shield 380
3:45142Mossberg International O/U 12
4:00497$500 Cash
4:15299Bergara Hunter 30-06
4:30263Glock G17 9mm
4:45745Smith & Wesson SD9VE 9mm
5:00274$500 Cash
5:10570Springfield XDE 9mm
5:20704Ruger American 243
5:30610Ruger Security-9
5:40992Smith & Wesson MP9
5:50460Weatherby VG Select
6:00233$2000 Cash

In Memory of Jordan White

Jordan White was a volunteer Firefighter at Library VFC for many years. Jordan started when he was young and worked his way up the ladder in experience. He was a seasoned Interior Firefighter who made firefighting his priority in life. Jordan moved out of the state to find new adventures but recently found his way back home for a short period. He was able to enjoy a few burn classes and fun fire calls before he moved back to Arizona to be with his family. Jordan was a fun, outgoing kind of guy. He always found ways to make someone laugh on their bad day or teach newer firefighters how to remain calm in a burning home. He loved hanging out with friends and family. Unfortunately, when Jordan moved back to Arizona, he was found deceased in the morning from unknown causes on July 12, 2021.

While he was only in the state for short periods of time, Jordan definitely made a strong impact on those around him!

Rest Easy Brother.

In Memory of Jesse Karmann

Jesse karmann 3/14/92-10/20/20 logo with black band

Jesse Karmann was a volunteer Firefighter who started with Library VFC when he was just a young boy and became well involved in other fire departments along the way. He currently was a Firefighter for Gallatin-Sunnyside Volunteer Fire Department while maintaining his friendship and connection with the Library VFC Firefighters. Not only did Jesse love Firefighting, but he also enjoyed the outdoors, parties, and being around people he loved. Prior to Jesse’s death, he proposed to his beautiful girlfriend and was soon to be married. Unfortunately, Jesse lost his battles to life’s biggest struggles by taking his own life on October 20, 2020. He will be forever missed by all the people that love and truly care about him. Rest Easy Brother.

Christmas In July BINGO

The bingo on July 18 will be called Christmas in July.  There will be a complimentary dinner provided by Cyd West and there will be a raffle, gift baskets, and giveaways.  We are also doing a community service, bringing gifts to a local nursing home.  We are asking our bingo patrons and the general public to donate gifts to the elderly residents.  Their wish list is below.

Come on down for bingo on July 18.  The doors open at 5 p.m. with dinner at 6 p.m. and bingo starting at 7:15 p.m.

Female Resident’s Wish List

  • Word search books, a small houseplant
  • Summer shirts, size 2X
  • Nail polish, red and pink
  • Camisole tops, size 2X
  • Adult coloring books and colored pencils
  • Hull-less popcorn, BBQ Fritos
  • Pudding, banana cream or chocolate
  • Blue cardigan sweater, size XL
  • Small houseplant
  • Picture of a cross, box of chocolates
  • Pearl necklace and bracelet
  • Novel (any genre), puzzle books
  • Puzzle books, summer shirts, size XL
  • Socks, shower gel
  • Puzzle books, pens
  • Shower gel, body lotion
  • Word search puzzle books, pens
  • Summer pants and summer tops, size L.  Please no button down blouses.
  • Gripper slippers, size XL, romance novels
  • Summer tops, cardigan sweater, size L. Please no button down blouses.
  • Socks, body lotion/spray
  • Watch, light weight pants, size L.
  • Socks, stuffed animals
  • Body lotion, shower gel
  • Gripper slippers, size 8/12-9, socks
  • Lightweight stretch pants, and summer tops, size M.

Male Resident’s Wish List

  • Christian Rock CDs
  • Pittsburgh Pirate T-shirt, size 2X
  • Jigsaw puzzles
  • Stationery, pens
  • Socks, short sleeve T-shirts, size L
  • Socks, short sleeve T-shirts, size XL, brown or blue.
  • Puzzle books, chips or pretzels
  • Patterson novel
  • Axe shower gel
  • AM/FM headset radio, sweatshirt with hood, black, XL
  • Peppermint Patty, gripper slippers, size 9.
  • Polo shirt, size L.
  • T-shirt, size 2X
  • Reese’s Cups, Kit Kat bars.

You can bring those items during bingo on July 18 or contact Cyd at (412) 952-0143.

Open House and National Fire Prevention Week

We are holding our Open House on Sunday, October 15th from Noon until 4 p.m. to bring Fire Prevention Week to an end.  Come on down and visit us!

NFPA National Fire Prevention Week

“Every Second Counts: Plan 2 Ways Out!” That’s the theme for #FirePreventionWeek, October 8-14, 2017. Create a home escape plan with all members of your household today!

Recreational Fires

One of our most frequently asked questions is about open burning and recreational fires in Allegheny County.

Open burning fire

The ordinance in Allegheny County is Allegheny County Health Department Rules and Regulations Article XXI, Air Pollution Control, §2105.50 Open Burning {Subsection f amended May 8, 2007, effective, August 17, 2007, and amended July 16, 2009, effective July 26, 2009. Subsections a, b, and d amended, and Subsections e and f renumbered, November 13, 2014, effective January 1, 2015.}

Below is a summarized version of what is needed to comply with the ordinance:


No material other than clean wood, propane or natural gas may be open burned EXCEPT for:
+ Commercially available fire logs, paraffin logs, or wood pellets;
+ Paper or commercially available smokeless fire starters in order to start a fire;
+ Charcoal for the preparation of food only.

Fires may be no larger than 3′ wide by 3′ long by 2′ high.

Fires must be at least 15 feet from the nearest neighbor’s dwelling or inhabited area, including property lines, roadways, sidewalks and public access areas.

Wood burning activities are prohibited on Air Quality Action days, except when burning for the commercial preparation of food. You can subscribe to receive email, text or smart phone app notifications of burn ban days at

Burning may be prohibited or reduced if it is considered a nuisance, based on the following criteria:
+ The severity of the amount of air pollutants;
+ The duration or frequency of open burning;
+ The topography of the surroundings;
+ The meteorological conditions.

Open burning permits are available for ceremonies fostering of agriculture, abatement of a public health hazard, and firefighting instruction; however, all permitted open burning is prohibited on Air Quality Action Days. Contact the Health Department at 412.578.8103 for more information.


For more information and the full text of the ordinance, please visit the Allegheny County Health Department’s Burning Central site: