Library Volunteer Fire Company Bingo

Every Wednesday!  Doors open at 5:30pm.  Early Bird 7:15pm. Regular Games 7:30pm.

We are at 6581 Library Road, Rt. 88 South South Park , PA.  Conveniently located 3 miles from the entrance of South Park at the corner of Brownsville and Library Roads.  Visit the Contact Us page for more details.  During inclement weather, please watch KDKA Channel 2, WTAE Channel 4, or check our main website for closure notices.

  • Early Bird games Start at 7:15 pm.
  • Regular games start at approximately 7:30 pm.
  • 4 early birds @ 50 pts. Double on Starburst.  250 pts if starburst on 4th game.
  • 15 Regular games @100 pts.
  • 4 two Part Special games @50 pts. & 150 pts.
  • Mini Jackpot @ 400 pts.
  • Jackpot @ 1,000 pts.
  • Winner take all crazy “T”.
  • Games of chance.
  • Progressive Bingo
  • Spin to win
  • Many more new things.
  • Free daily giveaways.

Admission as low as $16.00 (6 faces)
$19.00 (12 faces).

Extra packs available from $3.00.
Includes the magic number.

Game List

Game #TypeColorPayout
Early Bird 1Early BirdRed50 pts
Early Bird 2Early BirdBrown50 pts
Early Bird 3Early BirdPurple50 pts
Early Bird 4Early BirdGray50 pts *
* 250 pts with Starburst on 4th game
Game 1RegularBlue100 Pts
Game 2RegularOrange100 Pts
Game 3RegularGreen100 Pts
Game 4Special
4 Outside Corners
Big Diamond
Yellow50 pts
150 pts
5 Minute Break
Game 5RegularPink100 Pts
Game 6RegularGrey100 Pts
Game 7RegularOlive100 Pts
Game 8Special
Single Postage
Brown50 pts
150 pts
Game 9RegularRed100 Pts
Game 10RegularPurple100 Pts
Game 11RegularBlack100 Pts
Game 12Special
Top two lines
Mini Jackpot
Aqua400 pts
10 Minute Intermission
Game 13RegularBlue Striped100 Pts
Game 14RegularOrange Striped100 Pts
Game 15RegularGreen Striped100 Pts
Game 16Special
Single Postage
Double Postage
Yellow Striped50 pts
150 pts
Game 17RegularPink Striped100 Pts
Game 18RegularGray Striped100 Pts
Game 19RegularOlive Striped100 Pts
Game 20Special
Single Diagonal
Letter X
Brown Striped50 pts
150 pts
Game 21Progressive Jackpot
Consolation Prize
Blue100 Pts
Game 22Winner Take All
Crazy T
Game 23Big Jackpot
Cover All
Blue1000 Pts

Progressive Game

  • Uses last number called on every game 1 through 20.
  • Double Bingo required.
  • NO little diamond, NO big diamond, NO inside 4 corners.
  • If nobody wins, there will be a 100 Point Consolation prize on game 21.


  • Standard Bingo Rules Apply
  • Player MUST have last number called for a valid Bingo

For More Information:

Contact Bruce Rayner at 412-478-5378, or use our Contact Us page.