Current Members

Please contact us for an official listing of members and their statuses.

Corporate Officers

PresidentTed Hale Jr.
Vice PresidentJohn Price
SecretaryBrittany Mannella
TreasurerAl Klose
Chairman of the BoardBruce Rayner
BoardLarry Daberko
BoardEarl Harmening
BoardBrandon Schneider
BoardCyd West
BoardSteve West

Fire Officers

Fire Officers
ChiefRob Craig
Assistant ChiefVacant
1st Deputy ChiefChris Ringling
2nd Deputy ChiefVacant
CaptainJeff Guerriero
1st LieutenantBrandon Schneider
2nd LieutenantVacant
Safety OfficerVacant
Chief EngineerJohn Price
Fire Police CaptainBruce Rayner


Active MemberEarl Harmening
Active MemberAnnette Reidl
Honorary MemberRachel Firanski
Honorary MemberGretchen Boyan
ProbationaryMonica Craig
ProbationaryShanna Tinsley


FirefighterMatt Gwynn
FirefighterJustin Hale
FirefighterScott Hirschman
FirefighterJesse Karmann
FirefighterAshly Lewellyn
FirefighterEli Ruffing
FirefighterTim Smith
Fireground SupportEarl Robinson
Fireground SupportJonathan Coliny
Junior MemberHayden Craig
Fireground SupportBrittany Mannella
Fireground SupportMichael Pauline
ProbationaryNicole Bellisario
ProbationaryAshley Hitz
Junior MemberMadison Midden